When the Dream Becomes Reality

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You know, I never dreamed of being an author. I didn’t even consider being an author. The thought never crossed my mind. Growing up I had two major dreams, being a nurse and being Larry Pitchford’s wife. (Seriously, I wanted to do both from about the third grade on). After those two dreams were reality I dreamed of being a mother. That dream also came true when God blessed us with our first born, Dawn, in 1973 and our son Jonathan in 1979. I thought then all my dreams had been fulfilled.

I did write from time to time, mostly poetry for my own enjoyment and the occasional short essay about some personal experience, but never anything to share with others outside my family and friends. Then, in 1987 when Dawn was diagnosed with leukemia my part time journaling became a full time experience. During those long nights alone with her in the hospital my journal became my best friend. I recorded everything: doctor’s visits, blood test results, her struggles, my struggles, my thoughts and many times my prayers. It was a very personal journal that exposed my doubts and fears, as well as my frequently asked question, “Why, Lord?”. Those words in my journal were written to help maintain my sanity during some rather dark days.

Since that time I had toyed with the idea of a book on several occasions but would quickly put the thought aside. I didn’t even know how to begin. Then a few years ago, after I had spoken at the John Maxwell live event in Orlando, FL, I met a man named Kary Oberbrunner. He came up to me after the speech and told me that I really should write a book about my experience. Over the course of the next couple of years I joined Kary’s Igniting Souls tribe. Kary is a man of deep faith and conviction with a heart to help others reach their full potential. Ultimately, it was through Kary and his Author Academy Elite that I found the courage to put my journal in book form. And now a dream that I didn’t even know I had a few years ago is reality.

The main purpose of the book “Finishing Well-My Daughter’s Journey Home” is to introduce our amazing daughter to those who may not have known her, to help those who knew and loved her see a little of her journey and know the courage and faith she exhibited, and to let those grieving loss know that there is hope and joy on the other side.

The response in these first two weeks has been overwhelming. It is more than I could have imagined. I am humbled and grateful by every kind word.

If you have not heard about the book you can find it on Amazon.com by putting my name in the search bar or by clicking BUY IT NOW on my website. I would be honored to have you read our daughter’s courageous story and if you do I hope it challenges you to FINISH WELL!!

Janice Pitchford

Janice Pitchford

Janice Pitchford lives with her husband Larry in the quiet southeast Alabama town of Abbeville, She is a mother, grandmother,registered nurse, speaker, trainer, and author. Her career in health care spanning four decades has brought a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to any business arena. She is a member of the Igniting Souls Tribe and Author Academy Elite led by Kary Oberbrunner as well as a member, certified speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. A woman of faith, her passion is to help others find meaning and fulfillment at every stage of life and to FINISH WELL!!


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