Finishing Well:
My daughter’s journey home

Does life have to be long to be full? Most people coast through life. Routines evolve and ruts emerge. One day an unexpected turn jolts us awake. Questions challenge us and patterns disrupt us. And we’re confronted with deeper issues like Finishing Well. But some people never experience that luxury. Rather, their lives are snatched from us before they even have time to coast. Dawn Pitchford was one of these people. In this gripping memoir you’ll meet Dawn Pitchford and see how she was both a lamb and a lion. Optimism defined her attitudes and smiles graced her face.


What People Are Saying About the Book

“This book not only focuses on the daughter's fight with cancer, but also vividly speaks to the ordeal the family members go through as well. It is well written in the style of journal entries. While you share the family's anguish, you also palpably feel their hope and faith in the pages of this book. Courage, faith, strength and honesty can be found on every page.”

Joyce Ritche

“I was unable to put this book down. Such a beautiful story of courage and strength from such a young lady. This book will make you cry from the start to finish. The book will let you know that your faith, family and friends get us through the hardest times in our lives. Would recommend this book to anyone who has lost a child. Thanks Janice for sharing your remarkable journey.”

Barbara Gray

“'Finishing Well' is a beautifully written work of love and faith. I know it must have been a heart breaking but healing experience to relive every day of Dawn's journey. This is a must read! You will laugh, cry and your heart will break, but you will be greatly inspired by this amazing young lady and her family! She truly 'finished well'!”

Brenda Mullings

“A beautifully written book. Janice Pitchford and her family have such a strong faith in God which pulled them through a horrible time. This also is a beautiful tribute tribute to her daughter, Dawn, and her faith.”

Helen Penfield