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I sit here tonight at the end of my birthday wondering how in the world 66 years could go by so quickly. I can’t believe I am “old”, and unless I look in the mirror I certainly don’t feel “older”. It has been a wonderful life. I admit there have been some difficult and trying times. There have been years of loss and sadness but all in all it has been a wonderful life.

These last few weeks have been crazy. With the book, “FINISHING WELL–MY DAUGHTER’S JOURNEY HOME” coming out, the book signings, and several speaking engagements it has been a very busy time. It has also been a time when I have realized more than ever how blessed I am. My friends and family have been the best ever support system. From planning and organizing the events, preparing delicious goodies for the attendees, to helping me sell my books they have been by my side. I am so thankful.

Tonight my heart is still warm and tender from memories of a beautiful weekend at Santa Rosa Beach with my family. There is nothing like waking up and realizing my sweet little granddaughter is sleeping in the next room. Having my son and his wife, my sister and her husband, my grand, and my husband share this weekend was the best birthday present ever. (And the double decadent chocolate cake wasn’t bad either!)

Even now, reflecting on all these blessings, my heart is heavy. My friend and sister in Christ, Mandy, has recently lost her mother and best friend, way too soon. Other friends had to lay to rest their precious daughter last weekend. She had such a loving heart, a soul of compassion, and a smile that would light up a room and now at 18 she is gone. My dear, sweet friend of many years is in a battle with a dreaded, malicious disease that is draining her of her strength and vitality and threatening to take her away from her loving family. Somedays I just don’t understand, no most days I don’t understand but whether or not I understand I trust that our God is in control. I trust that He is good, all the time, even when His goodness is beyond our comprehension.

So, I sit here tonight contemplating the good and the bad, the blessings and the trials and I think again how blessed I am. I am thankful for these 66 years, for the people in my life who have loved me through it all and the God who gave so much to offer me abundant life.

I am drinking from my saucer, ’cause my cup has overflowed.

Janice Pitchford

Janice Pitchford

Janice Pitchford lives with her husband Larry in the quiet southeast Alabama town of Abbeville, She is a mother, grandmother,registered nurse, speaker, trainer, and author. Her career in health care spanning four decades has brought a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to any business arena. She is a member of the Igniting Souls Tribe and Author Academy Elite led by Kary Oberbrunner as well as a member, certified speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. A woman of faith, her passion is to help others find meaning and fulfillment at every stage of life and to FINISH WELL!!

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